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How Destiny Brought Vishnu and Thoolika Together

We meet a lot of people in our lifetime and when that one special one walks into our life, we just know it. Isn’t it? No. There are some of us who do not immediately realize that we have found our soulmate. Sometimes, it takes us many conversations, numerous meetings to realize that they are the ONE for us.

Thoolika and Vishnu are one of those couples who took time to know that they were meant to be. Everybody dreams of having the ideal life partner and so did Thoolika but she couldn’t picture Vishnu as her ideal. “That is precisely why I had rejected his proposal many times.

Then one day, he tried contacting me through WhatsApp and our chatting began. The conversations we shared made me ponder how wrong I was about him. Instead he was the ideal I had been looking for,” stated Thoolika.

Thoolika is an ambitious girl who has her career goals set in her head and that is exactly what Vishnu was looking for. “I wanted my life partner to be independent and career-oriented,” Vishnu said. Chats turned into calls and the calls went on for nine months before Vishnu intended to meet her. “After talking to her continuously for nine months, I decided to meet. I did go to her house to meet her but I wasn’t fortunate to meet her that day. We got to meet each other only after a couple of months,” he said.

However, at that point of time Thoolika was sceptical about marriage which is why they had to part ways. “When it didn’t work out with Vishnu, we started looking out for other prospects. But I think I was fortunate that nothing else worked out. I realized that Vishnu is the one for me,” Thoolika said. It is known that however far a person goes, he finally comes back home. So did Thoolika because Vishnu was her home and they complete each other.

When they met again, Thoolika was still not sure about them but Vishnu’s positivity was such that she was convinced. Then finally the day came when they met. “When I first saw him, he was really cute with an adorable smile. But after our conversation, I found out that he was entirely opposite to me,” she said.

Vishnu lives in India but Thoolika worked abroad. They were miles apart but never far away from each other. Vishnu never felt that they were away. “People do say that long distance is hard to maintain but personally, I never had any difficulty in our long distance relationship. We have technology now. We were constantly connected via video calls.” Thoolika elaborated on their long distance and said, “No matter how far we are, we understand and give space to each other. We hardly talk for 30 minutes. But that 30 minutes is enough to energize us for the entire day.”

Having given nicknames to one another, their day does not start without an ‘I love you’. As much opposites they may be, they share the same view when it comes to marriage, “Only when you hit both hands against each other, can you clap. So is it with marriage. However opposite you are from your partner, if you understand one another and react accordingly, your bond becomes stronger.”

It is rightly said that home is where the heart is. Thoolika’s heart is where Vishnu is!

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