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Archana Made the First Move and Abhishek Accepted

Abhishek and Archana gave me a sneak peek into their love story. This couple believes in making each day a memorable one. I was in conversation with this beautiful couple who shared a lot of happenings from their life. Read on...

What is the most romantic thing Abhishek has ever done for you? The beautiful lady giggles and says, “ Abhishek is not at all a romantic person. That was the first ever time, when I saw his romantic side. I was quite surprised. It was a Saturday evening and I returned from my office to see Abhishek standing at the entrance of our apartment.

We walked up together and he insisted me to open the door. The moment I did, I was awestruck to see the house decorated beautifully. Abhishek, a shy person, took me by surprise with his romantic side.. I always wanted someone to surprise me on my birthday, and Abhishek made it come true. To make it special, he called all of my friends and their presence made my day.” When someone puts in a lot of effort just to see you happy, there isn’t any better feeling.

“It was a lazy Sunday morning and my birthday, and my handsome husband being all romantic made a special breakfast for me. I woke up to a cup of bed tea, and the English breakfast he made, was so delicious,” says Archana. Her excitement was shown in her voice. I asked Abhishek, what special did you do on her birthday? “Archana loves watching movies so i decided to do something different which she would not except. I booked a small theatre only for us.” Woah! That’s sounds interesting. I then turned to Archana to know the rest of the story. She says, “When we went into the movie hall, no one was there, and I was quite surprised. After a while a lady walked in with a bouquet of roses along with a note, which said ‘Birthdays are special but your birthday is a festival.’ I was love struck. I just didn’t expect that he would go so much out of the way to make my birthday special. That birthday definitely is the best one of my life.” That’s so cute!

I was excited to know how they met. I ask Abhishek, how did it start? He says, “I was going through profiles on BharatMatrimonyand at that time I got a request from Archana. I quickly went glanced through her profile, and found her to be compatible. I quickly got in touch with her.” Like thousands of people, they also started their journey through phone conversations. For a month they spoke over the phone and got to know each other. I then ask, where did you meet? The beautiful lady says, “Abhishek came to my office and then we went to a mall nearby. We spoke for 3 hours but it still felt like it was less.” I ask Abhishek, how did you feel after meeting her? He responds, “She looked so beautiful. I was instantly attracted to her. We already knew a lot about each other through phone conversations and I was happy that we were comfortable even in person.

I ask Archana, when did you realize that he is the one? Archana says, “We knew each other only for two months until Abhishek moved to Bangalore to start a new career. During that time, I fell ill. Even though he had just started his new job, he took an off and flew to Kolkata just to see me. That was really sweet of him. I felt so happy that he went out of the way for me. I think that is when I felt that he is the one for me.”

I ask Archana, if you have one song to describe your relationship, which one it will be. The beautiful lady says, “Jab koi baat bigad jaye. He keeps singing this for me.” I ask Abhishek, what is the best surprise Archana has given you? He jumps into the conversation and says, “She made my birthday after marriage a very special one. She arranged for a guitarist who came to perform for us at midnight and played our favourite songs. To make it even more special, she decorated our house, along with that a special cake.” This couple does everything they can to make each other feel special. This is true love, isn’t it?

Wishing this couple a lifetime full of joy and happiness!

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